Les Fleurs du Mal

February 23th

Sorry for the lack of updates. The best way for being updated about LFDM it’s trough our Instagram/Facebook pages.



Hailing from Montréal, WARSLAVES could have been a band signed on Banzai in 1985. Influenced by the first wave of Black Metal, their sound will satisfied any fan of Venom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost or early Voivod.

You can pre-order it now! Will be available early December.



Black Citadel is available for pre-order.

Will be available on Halloween. Limited to 150 copies.


TRUE LOVE is sold out from us but still available from :

Tour de Garde (Canada)

Graceless Recordings (USA)

Eroding Winds (USA)

Iron Bonehead (Europe)


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Olkoth tape is sold out from us. Still available from :

Tour de Garde (Canada)

Vault of Dried Bones (Canada)

Graceless Recordings (USA)

Iron Bonehead (Europe)

Signal Rex (Europe)

Ekhidna records (Canada)

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